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24K Gold Plated iPhone X

256 GB Silver - Unlocked Custom

Price: $1999.00


Customized with 24K Real Gold by De Billas Limited 24K Gold Edition Repacked and resealed in its original packaging Ships Worldwide Unlocked for any carrier. PRODUCT Original Apple iPhone X 256 GB Unlocked customized and professionally gold plated by De Billas with authentic 24 Karat Gold. PACKAGE -Authentic iPhone X 256 GB - Customized and gold plated with a thick layer of 24K -OEM Apple Charger -Wall plug -Headphones -Instructions -Original box and packaging (Package will be resealed as if it was purchased from the store) POLICY The items will be carefully boxed up with bubble wrap and air pillows for safe arrival Please do not hesitate to ask questions. We're happy to assist. All items are open boxes due to gold plating. If you need to remove the gold from the iPhone a simple polishing cloth for stainless steel will polish and remove the gold DISCLAIMERS We are not affiliated with Apple. This is a customized gold plated Original Apple iPhone, We are not responsible if for any reason Apple decides not to cover any type of warranty on the item. To Our International Customers: All items leaving the United States are subject to customs inspection and the assessment of duties and taxes in accordance to each country's respective national laws, rules, and regulations. The buyer assumes all costs and is responsible for all additional expenses incurred (The package will be insured to reduce this risk).

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